Every aspect of today’s vehicle is being re-examined to meet 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards. And because reducing vehicle weight by just 10 percent can improve fuel economy by 6 to 8 percent, introducing mixed materials is an essential part of this effort.

At Henkel, we’re ready to help you reduce weight with the use of our Acoustic, Sealing, and Structural technologies that will allow you to increase the use of alternate substrates.  Henkel has a wide variety of tapes and patches that will reduce sound, prevent water from getting into the passenger compartment and increase the structure of the vehicle.  Join us to learn more!

This webinar is also available in Spanish. Click here to access that version.

Dennis Monticelli

Business Development Manager

Dennis Monticelli is the North American Business Development Manager for Henkel Corporation. Since his appointment in 2014, he is responsible for providing the automotive industry with acoustic, seal...ing and structural solutions. Dennis has over 17 years of experience with Henkel. Pervious to this Dennis held roles as a Platform Manager, Senior Program Manager, and Current Vehicle Engineer. Dennis has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Eastern Michigan University. Read More