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Faced with tighter regulatory demands and growing consumer awareness of better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly moving from traditional steel sheet or galvanized alloys to mixed and very lightweight metals that offer significant savings. Reducing a vehicle’s weight by just 10 percent can improve fuel efficiency by 6-8 percent! […]

Achieving more with less. Between the world’s ever-increasing population growth, waste generation, climate change and other factors, this goal is not only important, it is essential. Within the automotive industry, specifically, sustainability is playing an ever-increasing role across the life cycle of vehicle development. During a recent event at Henkel’s automotive headquarters in Madison Heights, […]

So you need to lose 10 pounds, do you wish it away? No, you have to take action, including eating healthy. Eating healthy causes a chemical change to take place to help you drop the weight; chemistry at its finest! Similarly, vehicles need a chemical change to drop the pounds and contribute to vehicle lightweighting. […]

What is one of the most porous things you use daily? For many of us a sponge comes to mind. It has many pores, enabling water absorption, leaving it soft when wet and brittle when dry. These properties are fine for a sponge, but when we are talking metal automotive parts, these are not properties […]

Process chemicals, i.e. cleaners and lubricants – aid in the manufacturing of a part, resulting in longer lasting vehicle parts, and enabling lightweighting for the designed vehicle platform. I’m not just talking a couple of vehicle parts either, cleaners and lubes are used from bumper to bumper, from the engine to the transmission to the axles to […]

Vehicle lightweighting sounds like a no brainer: lighter materials enable lighter, more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. That means fuel savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. For OEMs, add to that ever-stricter CAFE and emission standards and lightweighting looks like a slam-dunk. Or is it? There are drawbacks: ·     Processing costs. While lightweighting materials can raise […]