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It’s one of the most basic necessities in manufacturing – attaching two parts or components together in a way that will be secure, reliable and, in some cases, add to the aesthetic appeal of the finished product. Manufacturers generally decide between fastening or welding. They’re tried-and-true methods that likely don’t require any additional training or […]

There are several types of adhesive products that perform well in LED assembly environments. One of the most common types is epoxies, one- or two-part structural adhesives used in electric motor assembly and for potting printed circuit boards, among other bonding applications.  Because of their two-part composition (resin and hardener), special attention must be paid […]

When you get down to it, the word “innovation” has two parts: INVENT and ACTION. If there is no action after the invention, then it is just a mental exercise.  “ACTION” in the automotive world is complicated. This is particularly true when it comes to introducing lightweight material into today’s vehicles. In order to make […]

Automotive suppliers manufacture more than two-thirds of the value of today’s vehicle. What is lost in that statistic is that much of that two-thirds is not just manufactured by suppliers; it is designed and developed by suppliers.  This design and development work has resulted in technology innovations that create value for the OEMs and consumers. […]

Light as a feather. Stiff as a board. Quiet as a mouse. Smooth as silk. That’s what customers expect from their vehicles. Structural adhesives make it possible. Applied across entire vehicle seams, structural adhesives provide one of the strongest assembly methods available, distributing stress evenly. In comparison, spot welding generates discrete points of strength where […]