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Maintenance personnel know how important cleaning is to maintaining efficient turbines. Airborne particles inevitably ingress into the gas turbine compressor, fouling the air path surface. This leads to reduced efficiency and increased fuel consumption. The question is whether the cleaning should be done online or offline. Both methods are complementary, and both are important. In […]

In oil and gas terms, a decade is little more than a heartbeat. According to the American Petroleum Institute, it can take up to 10 years just to bring an offshore well from leasing to production, and even longer in areas with no preexisting infrastructure. After spending so much time and potentially billions of dollars […]

For MRO professionals, cleanup counts as maintenance. It may sound obvious, but cleaning can sometimes be a neglected part of the process. Industrial equipment works best when it’s clean. Let it go too long and you’ll undoubtedly get a reminder of why you shouldn’t forget or ignore it. Machines will start to operate less efficiently, […]

It’s hard to believe that something as fragile as a piece of paper is created in one of the most grueling manufacturing environments.  Heat and dust, both unavoidable at paper mills, can have a detrimental effect on equipment. Machines must endure high levels of mechanical wear and tear, while ever-increasing production speeds require maintenance solutions […]

See it at the Henkel Booth at OTC 2015! Since 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has been a can’t-miss event for the offshore oil and gas industry.  This is the place where more than 100,000 attendees gather to discuss the latest developments in drilling, exploration and technology. The 2015 OTC event will be held […]

It’s typically the top priority for maintenance engineers: boost plant reliability and efficiency. One way to achieve this is to prevent equipment failure before it can happen.  Of course it isn’t always possible, but there are areas where failure is more likely to happen. Scheduled maintenance activities based on these predictions can reduce production costs […]

Equipment failure is an unwelcome but unavoidable reality that impacts production time, order fulfillment and workplace safety. Fortunately, an analysis of past incidents can help in identifying the areas where failure is most likely to happen, often before a worst-case scenario results.  Here are five examples of the most common MRO challenges, and what can […]

Power plant critical components such as coal burner nozzle tips take a lot of abuse. Not only are they exposed to extreme heat, but they also experience wear due to the flow of fine coal dust. Such challenging conditions make burner tips of coal-fired power plants highly vulnerable to failure – and when they fail, […]

One of the objectives of MRO is to approach maintenance and repair as a proactive endeavor. When maintenance professionals are forced to be reactive to equipment issues, the result is usually expensive repairs and extensive downtime.  But with so many companies struggling to keep up with a greater workload and fewer personnel, doing this on […]

Given the many inherent challenges of maintenance in the mining industry, the issue of safety should always remain a priority with every worker, manager and owner. Mine operators have the primary responsibility under the Mine Act to prevent the existence of unsafe and unhealthful working conditions. Just by selecting the right products, it’s possible to […]