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Have you ever dropped your motorcycle? If so, you know the heart-sinking feeling you get as you watch it hit the ground. A common result in this scenario is a cracked fairing. A new one can cost you $500 or more – probably more than you have budgeted right now. Maintaining your bike is expensive […]

It was like a movie. The sun was mid-sky, tumbleweeds were rolling, and when you looked to the horizon, you saw the heat coming up from the road. Then — pop and hiss as steam came up from the hood of my beat-up Chevy van. We were driving through Death Valley and had just passed […]

Riding motorcycles for me is an escape. I am the first to admit, though, that with all my other hobbies, riding sometimes takes a backseat. I really do love to know my bike is ready to roll out on a hundred mile cruise whenever I want. You see, while I have a “bagger” (2005 HD […]