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How does someone get to be an icon in dirt bike racing? For Jeremy McGrath, it helps to win seven Supercross titles – an achievement that may never be equaled, as well as more than 70 races. But when it comes down to it, Jeremy might not have had quite as much success if his […]

Auto maintenance is a year-round concern, but extra caution is required in those parts of the country where winter brings freezing temperatures, heavy snows and hazardous driving conditions.  Here are 9 vehicle maintenance issues that are more common in cold weather – and some helpful tips.  1. Tire Traction One of the worst feelings you […]

It has been said that April is the cruelest month, but motorcycle enthusiasts might nominate October instead – that’s when the weather begins its long, cold voyage into winter, and it’s time once again to store your bike until spring.  After you’ve enjoyed that last ride for 2014, here are 10 tips for proper motorcycle […]

It was like a movie. The sun was mid-sky, tumbleweeds were rolling, and when you looked to the horizon, you saw the heat coming up from the road. Then — pop and hiss as steam came up from the hood of my beat-up Chevy van. We were driving through Death Valley and had just passed […]

Riding motorcycles for me is an escape. I am the first to admit, though, that with all my other hobbies, riding sometimes takes a backseat. I really do love to know my bike is ready to roll out on a hundred mile cruise whenever I want. You see, while I have a “bagger” (2005 HD […]

As much as we try not to overtighten bolts during motorcycle maintenance, we commonly do. Maybe because we don’t trust the torque wrench, or we fear that the shiny new part is going to fall off if we don’t give the wrench one more turn.  We can avoid cracked fairing bosses by trusting the torque […]

April is here and it brings with it the promise of warmer weather! Hopefully, your lawn mowers, tractors, and trailers have been prepped for spring, and now it is time to get those other fun toys like motorcycles, show cars, and dirt bikes ready for the road. Good clean: If you didn’t do motorcycle maintenance […]

After a long winter season it is finally time to get your toys and equipment ready for spring! Lawn mowers, tractors, trailers, show cars, motorcycles and dirt bikes can finally come out of hibernation. March and April are great months for vehicle maintenance (prepping toys) for more frequent use in warmer weather. This post will […]

Anti-seize compounds are routinely used in automotive maintenance, truck repair, boat maintenance, motorcycle maintenance – almost anything that gets you from one place to another.  But if you are a user of anti-seize, you know that it tends to get into places you might not want. So before you begin your vehicle maintenance project, you […]

Once again, Henkel had the opportunity to exhibit the latest Loctite® technologies at the 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in mid-August.  Over 600,000 visitors came from all over the United States and other countries to crowd the streets of Sturgis, South Dakota at one of U.S.A.’s longest running motorcycle rallies. The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally […]