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What is one of the most porous things you use daily? For many of us a sponge comes to mind. It has many pores, enabling water absorption, leaving it soft when wet and brittle when dry. These properties are fine for a sponge, but when we are talking metal automotive parts, these are not properties […]

Envision two car hoods – one made of steel and one made of a carbon fiber reinforced composite, a lightweight material. Could you tell which one was the lightest without lifting it? Probably not – this is because carbon fiber reinforced composites are similar in appearance to their steel rival, yet maintain their strength and […]

Every year, people from around the world are drawn to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). There’s no question that anyone visiting this year’s show will walk away with vehicle lightweighting top of mind. From the all-aluminum body of the Ford F-150 to the use of carbon fiber in the Chevrolet Corvette […]

Formula to Lightweighting

     January 9, 2014

Lightweighting of the new vehicle fleet is a matter of urgency. Vehicles in production by 2025 will need to have major mass reduction technologies identified by the 2017-18 timeframe. Incremental efficiencies will certainly be integrated through the cycle though the proverbial heavy lifting of decreasing CO2/increasing fuel economy needs to be designed into the design […]

Imagine a ball of clay. You can roll it, cut it and mold it into any shape or object you want. Take that image and replace it with a solid block of metal. That block of metal can also be molded and formed through the use of dies via various processes such as stamping, casting, […]

Process chemicals, i.e. cleaners and lubricants – aid in the manufacturing of a part, resulting in longer lasting vehicle parts, and enabling lightweighting for the designed vehicle platform. I’m not just talking a couple of vehicle parts either, cleaners and lubes are used from bumper to bumper, from the engine to the transmission to the axles to […]

Lightweighting is the best option to get to CAFE 2025 successfully. How does the auto industry get to the government’s 2025 CAFE standards of 54.5 MPG? As part of my participation in the WWJ Automotive Summit panel on Fuel Economy and Lightweight Engineering, I covered a lot of facts regarding the importance of lightweighting. This […]

When you get down to it, the word “innovation” has two parts: INVENT and ACTION. If there is no action after the invention, then it is just a mental exercise.  “ACTION” in the automotive world is complicated. This is particularly true when it comes to introducing lightweight material into today’s vehicles. In order to make […]

Automotive suppliers manufacture more than two-thirds of the value of today’s vehicle. What is lost in that statistic is that much of that two-thirds is not just manufactured by suppliers; it is designed and developed by suppliers.  This design and development work has resulted in technology innovations that create value for the OEMs and consumers. […]

By the time 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards take effect, aluminum is predicted to account for 550 pounds of weight in every North American produced light vehicle*.  The industry is well on its way to reaching this number as more automakers introduce all-aluminum vehicle frames. The all-aluminum frame of the 2014 GM Corvette Stingray […]