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Americans today drive their vehicles much longer, keeping them for nearly two years more than they did a decade ago, according to IHS Automotive. This means that maintaining cars and trucks and keeping them in good shape is now more important than ever before. Managing rust can be a large – and costly – component […]

As the world turns its attention to this year’s North American International Auto Show, approximately 40 never-before-seen cars and trucks are making their global debut. Many of those new cars and trucks are using lightweight materials to help meet 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards — now just 10 years from taking effect. The 2015 […]

Can Your Car Carry a Tune?

     December 4, 2014

How Noise – Vibration – Harshness (NVH) materials affect the driving experience.  Each instrument in an orchestra is carefully tuned by musicians to deliver a specific musical experience to listeners under the careful ear of a conductor. Much like an orchestra, each part in your vehicle makes a unique sound and combines with others to […]

Seventy years ago, most children’s toys were made of metal. These heavy-playing objects were popular, but by no means easy to play with due to their weight (not to mention, they were a bit dangerous). But by the 1940s and ‘50s, the toy industry was all about going plastic so they could offer lighter and […]

“Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?”  In the English language, conjunctions are integral to combine the simple to the complex. Without conjunctions, the language would be bland and somewhat dysfunctional. In the adhesives world, bonding is key to joining lightweighting substrates like plastic and composites, as well as the more complex, like dissimilar materials of steel […]

So you need to lose 10 pounds, do you wish it away? No, you have to take action, including eating healthy. Eating healthy causes a chemical change to take place to help you drop the weight; chemistry at its finest! Similarly, vehicles need a chemical change to drop the pounds and contribute to vehicle lightweighting. […]

What is one of the most porous things you use daily? For many of us a sponge comes to mind. It has many pores, enabling water absorption, leaving it soft when wet and brittle when dry. These properties are fine for a sponge, but when we are talking metal automotive parts, these are not properties […]

Imagine you’re in the driver’s seat of a high-powered race car. In order to pass your competitor you need to accelerate.  A similar scenario is taking place in the automotive industry; however, the competitor is fuel economy. In order to increase fuel efficiency, many automotive manufacturers are replacing traditional steel components with lightweight materials – […]

Formula to Lightweighting

     January 9, 2014

Lightweighting of the new vehicle fleet is a matter of urgency. Vehicles in production by 2025 will need to have major mass reduction technologies identified by the 2017-18 timeframe. Incremental efficiencies will certainly be integrated through the cycle though the proverbial heavy lifting of decreasing CO2/increasing fuel economy needs to be designed into the design […]

Imagine a ball of clay. You can roll it, cut it and mold it into any shape or object you want. Take that image and replace it with a solid block of metal. That block of metal can also be molded and formed through the use of dies via various processes such as stamping, casting, […]