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Across the industry, manufacturers of LED lamps are discovering the benefits of high-performing adhesives over the use of mechanical fasteners like screws and clips. Whether comparing the two assembly methods by manufacturing cost, productivity or performance, adhesives often emerge as the most advantageous option. So, why should you consider integrating adhesives into your LED design?  […]

The LED lighting revolution is in full swing. Technology has improved over the last few years, and the numbers speak for themselves. Users are switching from incandescent bulbs to LEDs in their homes and at work. Auto manufacturers are following the trend, too. Once reserved for luxury cars, LED headlights are finding their way into […]

LED lighting is designed to run for 50,000 hours – or more – under the right conditions. Making sure those conditions are optimal is one of the challenges faced by LED manufacturers and manufacturers of board level components.  Unlike incandescent bulbs where filaments can safely reach well over 1,000°C, LEDs need to be run at […]

There are several types of adhesive products that perform well in LED assembly environments. One of the most common types is epoxies, one- or two-part structural adhesives used in electric motor assembly and for potting printed circuit boards, among other bonding applications.  Because of their two-part composition (resin and hardener), special attention must be paid […]

Adhesives play a key role in LED manufacturing. This has not always been the case, as some products experienced chemical reactions with other materials used in LED production, resulting in light degradation. But now that sealants and adhesives such as LOCTITE® LED compatible products made by Henkel no longer interfere with product performance, these manufacturing […]

Loctite threadlockers were introduced more than 60 years ago, and set a new standard for reliability and ease of use. They are now commonly used in a wide range of manufacturing industries, from the smallest computer components to the largest heavy-duty construction vehicles.  Threadlockers also play an important role in luminaire design and LED assembly. […]

The evolution of lighting technology is a tale that unfolds over more than 200 years. And while luminaire design will almost certainly continue to progress, for now LED manufacturing – bolstered by LED adhesives and sealants from Loctite® – remains at the forefront of the industry.  If you were to picture a “History of the […]

Currently there are a multitude of LED adhesives available; the challenge is finding the correct one for your application and unique set of circumstances. Curious about how LED assembly design affects selecting the correct adhesive? Read How LED Assembly Design Affects Adhesive Selection first. LED adhesives fall into six product types that are most commonly […]

Welcome to our blog on finding ways to improve the quality and longevity of LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) lighting devices and luminaries. Our goal is to keep you up to date on the latest trends, tips and technologies that can influence the reliability and performance of “the light source of the future.” While light-emitting diodes have […]