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Winston Churchill once observed, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Well, we may not be perfect here at Henkel, but we do make an effort to keep improving. And so we’re introducing some changes to the LED Assembly Solutions blog that we hope will make it an even better […]

LEDs are expected to demonstrate reliability and durability despite challenges that include extreme temperatures, vibration and UV rays. LED-compatible adhesives play a key role in achieving those expectations. But establishing the necessary LED compatibility takes time, money and hands-on testing. We are at the forefront of that testing, determining which adhesives have the right chemistry […]

You don’t know what you don’t know. But you can discover what you don’t know and improve the quality and cost-efficiency of your LED assembly process with a free LED lighting assembly tear-down analysis. At Henkel, we’re more than just the world’s leading adhesive and sealant producer. We’re also experts. We’re a team of experienced […]

LED lighting is getting more and more popular every day. Its adoption in virtually all markets is growing due to increased efficiency, efficacy and longevity. This adoption extends further than just homes and offices where conditions are cool, comfortable and consistent. LEDs are finding their way into much harsher environments, too.  Think of an offshore […]

Across the industry, manufacturers of LED lamps are discovering the benefits of high-performing adhesives over the use of mechanical fasteners like screws and clips. Whether comparing the two assembly methods by manufacturing cost, productivity or performance, adhesives often emerge as the most advantageous option. So, why should you consider integrating adhesives into your LED design?  […]

Sales for LED products continue to rise, and that success continues to inspire new product development. This presents a challenge, albeit a pleasant one, for those responsible for luminaire design, as well as for suppliers and manufacturers, who must not only keep up with demand, but also promote the quality and durability of their products […]

Whether they are aware of it or not, most people have experienced the benefits of LED lighting.  From the long-lasting light on the front porch to the LEDs inside our computers and televisions, to the lights on the Christmas trees that will soon be going up in millions of homes, LED lights are everywhere, and […]

The evolution of lighting technology is a tale that unfolds over more than 200 years. And while luminaire design will almost certainly continue to progress, for now LED manufacturing – bolstered by LED adhesives and sealants from Loctite® – remains at the forefront of the industry.  If you were to picture a “History of the […]

The greatest risk of electrocution in swimming pools stems from faulty underwater lighting and aging electrical wiring, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. That risk is compounded when lighting and circuits are not protected by Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters.1 Much of the burden of ensuring pool safety falls on the contractor/installer to follow local, state […]

When a manufacturer is planning an LED assembly project, the selection of adhesives is usually one of the primary manufacturing considerations. More often than not, the decision is almost always budgetary. Inexpensive adhesives may “look good” on paper, but the “cost” saved in the short run may come with a hidden price. For example, due […]