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Have you ever dropped your motorcycle? If so, you know the heart-sinking feeling you get as you watch it hit the ground. A common result in this scenario is a cracked fairing. A new one can cost you $500 or more – probably more than you have budgeted right now. Maintaining your bike is expensive […]

One of the challenges of LED design is the accommodation of not just a primary optic to collect, focus and shape the light produced, but the need to also accommodate secondary optics (those that exist outside the LED package) as well. These include reflector cavities, Fresnel lenses and pillow lenses.  As secondary optics are essential […]

As much as we try not to overtighten bolts during motorcycle maintenance, we commonly do. Maybe because we don’t trust the torque wrench, or we fear that the shiny new part is going to fall off if we don’t give the wrench one more turn.  We can avoid cracked fairing bosses by trusting the torque […]