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Summer is upon us here in the Northeast, and many of us are pulling our boats out of storage and firing them up for the first time in six to eight months. As we open them up, sometimes we find that nothing is different from when we stored them — but more often than not, […]

After a long winter season it is finally time to get your toys and equipment ready for spring! Lawn mowers, tractors, trailers, show cars, motorcycles and dirt bikes can finally come out of hibernation. March and April are great months for vehicle maintenance (prepping toys) for more frequent use in warmer weather. This post will […]

Anti-seize compounds are routinely used in automotive maintenance, truck repair, boat maintenance, motorcycle maintenance – almost anything that gets you from one place to another.  But if you are a user of anti-seize, you know that it tends to get into places you might not want. So before you begin your vehicle maintenance project, you […]