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Studs are often used for accurate positioning of auto parts, such as carburetors, water pumps, and manifolds to make the assembly job just a little easier.  Studs assure that carburetors stay perfectly sealed to the intake manifold, and aligned with the gasket or sealing surface to help the assembly remain resistant to loosening from vibration […]

Riding motorcycles for me is an escape. I am the first to admit, though, that with all my other hobbies, riding sometimes takes a backseat. I really do love to know my bike is ready to roll out on a hundred mile cruise whenever I want. You see, while I have a “bagger” (2005 HD […]

Locking and sealing nuts and bolts with Loctite® Threadlockers is a popular practice among vehicle repair, but there are a wide variety of other applications that can benefit from threadlocker technology as well.  Below are just a few examples of how Loctite® Threadlockers are being used, ranging from cars and motorcycles to watches and eyeglasses. Scroll […]

Blue Threadlocker Basics

     February 20, 2014

Have you ever questioned which Loctite® Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker to use? Did you even know there are multiple kinds? Of all our thread treatment applications, the Medium Strength Blue Threadlockers are the most commonly used. They are removable with standard hand tools on ¼ ” to ¾ ” fasteners, have fast fixture times, and […]