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It’s the end of the On the Road Technology Tour, however the journey towards advanced chemistry for tomorrow’s vehicles is just beginning! Henkel invited attendees from Automotive OEM and Suppliers to explore the role Smart Chemistry plays in enabling advanced vehicle technologies leading the way towards lightweighting and autonomous vehicle platforms. With the changing landscape […]

Faced with tighter regulatory demands and growing consumer awareness of better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly moving from traditional steel sheet or galvanized alloys to mixed and very lightweight metals that offer significant savings. Reducing a vehicle’s weight by just 10 percent can improve fuel efficiency by 6-8 percent! […]

So, you’re hearing a rubbing or grinding noise in your brakes? You know what that means, even if you are not accustomed to fixing your own car: it’s time to change the brake pads.  You could rely on repair shop for the fix. Replacing the brake pads will cost you around $150 (more or less, […]

Auto maintenance is a year-round concern, but extra caution is required in those parts of the country where winter brings freezing temperatures, heavy snows and hazardous driving conditions.  Here are 9 vehicle maintenance issues that are more common in cold weather – and some helpful tips.  1. Tire Traction One of the worst feelings you […]

I finally started putting together my ‘69 Chevelle, which included installing the differential cover. The procedure for this vehicle repair is similar for many cars and trucks. So let’s get started! My differential is a Chevrolet 12 Bolt posi-traction that I recently stripped out to get powder coated. As you can see by the pictures […]

I’ve been putting aftermarket valve covers on engines for years, and twice I have had immediate leakers during my vehicle maintenance projects. I thought I would take a few minutes to document an avoidable pitfall and hopefully save a few people the trouble of doing this auto maintenance job twice. When I am building a motor […]

My wife and I are the only two drivers in our household, although we own four cars. Two of them are my long-term project cars and I was told I could not buy another vehicle until I completed one. Last year, just before Christmas, I was driving home with my two sons after finishing up […]

Upon visiting Triumph expert JayeStrait, we take a look at his shop, and watch step by step how different Loctite® products can be useful in Motorcycle maintenance and repair jobs. In this video, we use Loctite Bearing Mount Stick with the Idler Gear Pin of a Triumph motorcycle engine.  A typical problem with the gear […]

I have always been a firm believer in the products I sell.  That being said, it is also important to me that my customers believe in them as well.  In working with customer’s everyday, I always get the common question, “What is the difference between Red and Blue Threadlocker?,” but lately, more and more people […]

Ever get confused about which threadlocker to use? Do you know what the differences are between the red, blue, green and purple threadlocker? You aren’t alone – we here at Henkel hear this question a lot and are here to tell you the difference.   To make it simpler for the consumer, our products are […]