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I love fixing my project cars, but hate doing maintenance on the daily drivers. One is enjoying my hobby, the other feels like work. But, sometimes I can’t avoid it.  Thankfully, my wife’s 2005 Honda CRV hasn’t needed much outside of oil changes, air filters and drivetrain lubrication service. Recently it hit the 98K mile […]

Can you feel it in the air yet? Winter is coming, and with it comes the challenge of keeping your car in top condition. Whether you plan to store the vehicle until spring or drive it through the snow and freezing temperatures every day, here are five tips that should be a part of your […]

Anti-seize compounds are routinely used in automotive maintenance, truck repair, boat maintenance, motorcycle maintenance – almost anything that gets you from one place to another.  But if you are a user of anti-seize, you know that it tends to get into places you might not want. So before you begin your vehicle maintenance project, you […]