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One of the challenges of LED design is the accommodation of not just a primary optic to collect, focus and shape the light produced, but the need to also accommodate secondary optics (those that exist outside the LED package) as well. These include reflector cavities, Fresnel lenses and pillow lenses.  As secondary optics are essential […]

Anyone who has attempted to install spark plug wires on a motor knows that the process can be meticulous and challenging. I recently completed this task on my 69 Chevelle stroker motor with the help of a LOCTITE® cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive known as LOCTITE® Super Glue.  Spark plug wire separators (sometimes referred to as looms) are […]

Companies are always on the lookout for imaginative new ways to display their products at trade shows. To demonstrate how well LED adhesives and sealants perform in the manufacture of luminaries and other LED lighting devices, we re-created our own logo out of LED domes, and then submerged it in a 20-gallon fish tank full […]

Formula to Lightweighting

     January 9, 2014

Lightweighting of the new vehicle fleet is a matter of urgency. Vehicles in production by 2025 will need to have major mass reduction technologies identified by the 2017-18 timeframe. Incremental efficiencies will certainly be integrated through the cycle though the proverbial heavy lifting of decreasing CO2/increasing fuel economy needs to be designed into the design […]

As the lighting industry evolves to solid state lighting, so do the requirements for LED assembly adhesives, sealants and functional coatings used in the manufacture of light-emitting diode bulbs, lamps, light fixtures and luminaries. LED adhesive technologies help to ensure a long life for these devices, even in applications exposed to harsh conditions such as […]

I’ve been putting aftermarket valve covers on engines for years, and twice I have had immediate leakers during my vehicle maintenance projects. I thought I would take a few minutes to document an avoidable pitfall and hopefully save a few people the trouble of doing this auto maintenance job twice. When I am building a motor […]

Continuing my 1987 Dodge Pickup project (see my other truck repair projects: air pump removal, using Loctite® Freeze & Release, and installing a motor oil pressure gauge sending switch). I found some really tricky aftermarket retractable cargo tie downs that I thought would be perfect for my truck. I was looking to retain my over-the-rail […]

Lightweighting is the best option to get to CAFE 2025 successfully. How does the auto industry get to the government’s 2025 CAFE standards of 54.5 MPG? As part of my participation in the WWJ Automotive Summit panel on Fuel Economy and Lightweight Engineering, I covered a lot of facts regarding the importance of lightweighting. This […]

Carbon Fiber: Making it Stick

     October 11, 2013

Adhesives Enable Adoption of New Lightweight Material Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP) are set to bring the lightweighting revolution to auto showrooms around the world. Once found only on ultra-expensive super cars, CFRPs – with lightweight, high strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity – are moving into new and exciting places.  Take for example the BMW i3 electric crossover vehicle, […]

Remember the early cell phones? They were big and bulky; like holding up a cement brick to your ear. Today’s smartphones have more computing power than the Apollo 11 lunar mission, and yet are no larger than a deck of cards weighing less than five ounces. That same trend towards smaller and lighter technology is driving […]