Rejuvenate Your Spring Equipment

    April 9, 2014

Hopefully, our Lawn Mowers and Tractors blog post helped get some of your spring equipment out of hibernation. Now it is time to get your trailer ready for hauling spring toys! Generators, hot tubs, chainsaws and power washers are also important to prep before more frequent usage in the spring. Check out our tips below!


Exterior Inspection: Unless your trailer was kept in a garage, it is likely to have spent the winter months sitting outside exposed to freezing temperatures. Do a thorough inspection on the outside of your trailer and check for anything out of the ordinary.

Winter Precaution: If you are not going to use your trailer over the winter or a few months’ time span, consider jacking the trailer off the ground. This takes weight off the tires to prevent flat spots from forming.

Tires & Wheel Bearings: Low temperatures tend to decrease tire pressure, so expect your tires to be low on air after a cold winter. 

Grease Hitches: It is crucial to apply grease to the trailer hitch and ball before use, especially if the trailer has been sitting outside. Loctite® Dielectric Tune-Up Grease is a water-resistant lubricant ideal for application on all electrical connections on trailer hitches. The lubricant also protects electrical connections from corrosion — WATCH a video on how to use dielectric grease.

Lights: Checking the lights of your trailer should be a mandatory step before any use, not just after a few months of storage. Replace any non-working bulbs immediately before taking your trailer on the road.

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Other Spring Tools and Quick Fixes

Generators: Starting your generator once a month can help prevent problems from occurring when you do experience a power outage.

Hot Tubs: If you have been using your hot tub right through the winter, there is not much you need to do to prepare for spring other than changing the filters. If it has not been used in a few months, you should consider running a solution through the lines to prevent any cracking or breaking.

Chainsaws: Clean your chainsaw before use in case there is leftover debris from last season lodged in the blades. Adjust the bar and chain on your chainsaw before use, and also check the oil. Loctite® Gear, Chain & Cable Lubricant is essential for prolonging the life of your chain and protecting it from debris.  For sharpening, remove your chain and take it to a garden center that can sharpen it for the new season.

Power Washers: How much you use your power washer will determine the amount of prep it will need before use. If you only use your power washer twice a year, you may not need to change your oil before each use, or as often as you would for other spring toys.

Stay tuned for our next spring cleaning and restoration post on how to get your motorcycle and dirt bike road ready! If you missed our lawn mowers and tractors post, check it out here!

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