How Proper Preventative Maintenance Can Help Reduce Gasket Failure in Paper Mill Equipment

    May 20, 2015

It’s hard to believe that something as fragile as a piece of paper is created in one of the most grueling manufacturing environments. 

Heat and dust, both unavoidable at paper mills, can have a detrimental effect on equipment. Machines must endure high levels of mechanical wear and tear, while ever-increasing production speeds require maintenance solutions to yield the highest efficiency and lowest mileage. Downtime, of course, must be avoided whenever possible. 

Companies that adhere to a preventive maintenance schedule and regular weekly/monthly equipment inspections will be able to detect such common issues as leaks, vibration issues and maintaining correct operating pressure.

Paper Mill

Case in Point: Dryer Section Gear Casing
Gasket failure is a common issue in paper mill equipment, resulting in costly oil leaks that cause equipment malfunction, product contamination and worker safety issues. 

The dryer section gear casing, to cite one example, is subject to continuous rocking and vibration that loosens assembly bolts, and adds stress to the gasket leading to the compression set. But with Loctite® anaerobic products incorporated into a preventive maintenance regimen, the risk of oil leak and equipment failure can be drastically reduced, saving time and money. 

Loctite 243™ Threadlocker applied to dryer casing assembly bolts prevents fastener loosening due to vibration and stress; Loctite 518™ Flange Sealant replaces traditional gasket materials with a form-filling, solvent-resistant seal that will not shrink or crack, even in harsh, high-temperature conditions.

Expedient Solutions to Persistent Problems
Loctite has answers for many of the most common and costly paper mill equipment issues. From machinery adhesives that prevent corrosion and seizure, to thread sealants that stop expensive oil leaks, to wear-resistant coatings that offer long-term protection against mechanical and chemical attack, it’s no wonder that Loctite solutions have become an essential component of preventive maintenance procedures.

Over to You
Have you had success incorporating Loctite products into your preventative maintenance regimen? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author, Adam Lyman

Adam Lyman is an MRO Application Engineer supporting the Mining Industry and general MRO applications across half of the United States. Adam has over 4 years of experience as a technical adhesives expert, supporting customers and sales representatives through training sessions, on-site application qualifications, and managing lab projects. Adam earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 2009.

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4 responses to “How Proper Preventative Maintenance Can Help Reduce Gasket Failure in Paper Mill Equipment”

  1. I think a great way to save on money in the long run is, like you said, to schedule regular maintenance, especially in mill businesses. Areas where machines are constantly hard at work need to be properly cared for to maintain functionality. There are a lot of materials that can jam up equipment. This is a great article confirming the need for constant maintenance.

  2. Lamint says:

    By designing an effective preventive maintenance program, organisations can experience substantial improvements in their overall business processes: including increased productivity, decreased waste, improve work execution and reduced unexpected breakdowns.

    Thanks Henkel for sharing.

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