LOCTITE® Super Glue for Easy Spark Plug Wire Installation

    November 19, 2014

Anyone who has attempted to install spark plug wires on a motor knows that the process can be meticulous and challenging. I recently completed this task on my 69 Chevelle stroker motor with the help of a LOCTITE® cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive known as LOCTITE® Super Glue

Spark plug wire separators (sometimes referred to as looms) are used to position and hold the spark plug wires in safe positions, to protect them from damage and interference. The separators that I selected are made up of two halves. One has a hexagonal hole, which receives a nut, and prevents the nut from spinning when you attach the mating half and insert the hex head cap screw.  

When you use these separators, you must insert at least two – and possibly even four plug wires – into the section with the nut, and then cover this assembly with the mating half. The two pieces must then be held together while you insert the hex head cap screw and tighten it into place.  

By using a CA adhesive (or LOCTITE® Super Glue) to securely hold the nut in place, you have one less problem to worry about during assembly. Typically, the nut has a tendency to fall while you are trying to grasp everything within a very tight space. When the nut is bonded into the separator with the CA that saves a lot of time and aggravation with this repair and/or replacement process.

About the Author, Loren Nauss

Loren Nauss is currently Business Development Manager for maintenance chemicals at Henkel. In his 24 years of experience, Loren brings expertise in everything mechanical to his personal and work-related projects. Loren's built, assembled and fabricated American and foreign cars, trucks, motorcycles, manufacturing, processing, and pumping equipment. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Business from Eastern Connecticut State University.

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2 responses to “LOCTITE® Super Glue for Easy Spark Plug Wire Installation”

  1. OmSh says:

    “Super Glue” sounds a bit on the strong side. Having never used this particular product before, and let us say I will be using it in a similar application as you described above, I am curious if I should have to worry about the screw getting bonded with the nut or with the actual separator it is securing (if it ever needs to be removed) in the case where this adhesive happened to run a little (say, I put in a little too much)??

    Thanks in advance for your reply…

  2. Loren Nauss Loren Nauss says:

    A small drop was used to hold the nut affixed to the separator. No adhesive is used to bond the spark plug or the wire. There is little to no chance that adhesive will get on the wires because the nut is on opposite side of the separator from where the wires are placed. Thank you for your question. I hope you enjoyed the post.

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