Why We’re Making Changes to the LED Blog

    March 29, 2016

Winston Churchill once observed, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Well, we may not be perfect here at Henkel, but we do make an effort to keep improving. And so we’re introducing some changes to the LED Assembly Solutions blog that we hope will make it an even better experience for you.

For the past two years we’ve been focused on the LED industry exclusively, sharing information on making LED assembly more cost-effective and efficient. We’ve covered topics like:

We’ve loved sharing our LED industry expertise with you, but the truth is, we have more knowledge to share! We’re now expanding the blog to include a wider range of industrial manufacturing topics. We’re fortunate to have many employees at Henkel with deep expertise in a variety of industries who will share their insights and advice.

The new blog is called “Industrial Manufacturing and Engineering,” and just a few of the topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Electric motors

  • Speakers

  • Cables and components

  • Low pressure molding

  • Specialty vehicles

  • Fluid power equipment

  • Liquid optically clear adhesives (LOCA)

  • …and more

The blog will still include LED topics, but you’ll now have access to a broader range of information on manufacturing and engineering subjects.

There are many ways that instant bonding, structural bonding, machinery adhesives and functional coatings/surface treatments can improve industrial manufacturing. Our experts will share their insights on using adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners to increase product reliability and reduce production costs. The blog will also address how using the right equipment can improve your adhesive application and manufacturing process.

Check out our first post, and be sure to subscribe. As always, we welcome your questions and comments.

Over to You

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About the Author, Matt Donelan

Matt Donelan is a Market Development Director for Henkel North America based in Rocky Hill, Conn. His responsibilities cover the Electrical and Optical segments including Lighting, Wire Harnesses, and Electric Motors. Matt has over 20 years of experience at Henkel in both marketing and product management positions. He also has design, test, and manufacturing engineering experience in the aerospace, optical, medical and electronics industries. Matt holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Connecticut and an MBA from the University of Hartford.

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