Industrial Maintenance and Repair: The Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Audit

    February 25, 2015

One of the objectives of MRO is to approach maintenance and repair as a proactive endeavor. When maintenance professionals are forced to be reactive to equipment issues, the result is usually expensive repairs and extensive downtime. 

But with so many companies struggling to keep up with a greater workload and fewer personnel, doing this on your own is not always feasible. 

MRO Training

Henkel’s LOCTITE® MRO Plant Survey Can Help

We have an on-site preventive maintenance service featuring a needs-based audit customized to the challenges of each company. The results? Increased quality and productivity, minimized downtime and leakage, safer plants, longer part life, and documented and validated cost savings. All of these together can create a positive impact to your bottom line. 

What Happens at an Industrial Maintenance and Repair Audit? 

  1. We start by meeting with your key personnel – maintenance managers, reliability engineers, training department, health and safety – to understand your current maintenance culture and practices, and listen to concerns. The objective is to look for ways to reduce or eliminate chronic failures to make their job not only more productive, but hopefully easier.

  2. With this information, we conduct a plant survey to analyze equipment problems and challenging areas, while also identifying new opportunities to improve safety and efficiency. What chronic failures are costing you the most? Are there problems with fasteners loosening on equipment? Are you having problems with spun bearings? Keyway wallow? Is your productivity impacted by air or fluid leaks?

  3. Once this survey is completed, we’ll create a customized modular training to fit your specific manufacturing maintenance and reliability goals. 

This continuous improvement process will include identifying specialty chemical materials and machinery adhesives such as threadlockers, thread and gasket sealants, retaining compounds and surface treatments that can protect your facility and its machinery from abrasion, corrosion, breakdowns and other issues, extending service life and reducing costly repairs. 

Schedule Your Free LOCTITE MRO Plant Survey

If this sounds like something that would help your business, contact us to schedule an industrial maintenance and repair audit. There is no cost, and just an hour or two with your team could expose these needless costs and the proactive solutions before serious issues can emerge.

About the Author, Greg Garrison

Greg Garrison is one the North American Business Development Managers for MRO. In his 15 years with Henkel, Greg has served as a MRO Account Executive, an ID Specialist, and a Manufacturing Reliability Specialist. In his sales career, he has been a regional growth king, manager’s choice, and a four time Sales Leadership Conference (SLC) attendee. He currently handles our Best Practices training process and assists in the National Account program with Kevin Donaher.

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