How to Add Product Life to Centrifugal Pumps

    June 10, 2015

At a time when companies have less capital to invest in new equipment, the necessity to extend equipment life through maintenance has never been greater.  

Industrial centrifugal pumps are as expensive as they are essential in nearly every industry. As such, they provide an ideal opportunity to illustrate the benefits of improving performance and efficiency during assembly and repair. 

Centrifugal Pump

Breakdowns, and the downtime that results from them, can be extremely costly. And yet many of the causes for these issues – a loose fastener, corrosion, worn shafts and casings – can be avoided. 

This is where proactive maintenance can prevent common failures, extend part life to avoid replacement costs, and make disassembly easier for future modifications. 

Corrosion, for example, can be prevented with Loctite® Nordbak Chemical Resistant Coating, which protects pump parts from the most severe chemical environments. And shaft life can be extended with Loctite Fixmaster® Superior Metal, an epoxy that will not rust, and allows the same component to quickly return to service. 

Loctite offers an array of solutions for properly repairing, restoring and rebuilding centrifugal pumps. During rebuild, Loctite metal repair epoxies, ceramic bead-filled wear resistant coatings, and extremely slick, smooth ceramic coatings are used to improve wear properties and efficiencies to a like-new condition.

Once a pump rebuild or repair is completed, a coating of chemical resistant epoxy is applied to insure exterior protection.

Proactive action and ongoing maintenance can result in extended product life and significant energy cost savings, year after year.  

For more information on Loctite pump rebuild solutions, check out the Industrial Pumps Rebuild and Maintenance Guide.

About the Author, Loren Nauss

Loren Nauss is currently Business Development Manager for maintenance chemicals at Henkel. In his 24 years of experience, Loren brings expertise in everything mechanical to his personal and work-related projects. Loren's built, assembled and fabricated American and foreign cars, trucks, motorcycles, manufacturing, processing, and pumping equipment. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Business from Eastern Connecticut State University.

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