Getting Lawn Mowers & Tractors Ready for Spring!

    March 19, 2014

After a long winter season it is finally time to get your toys and equipment ready for spring! Lawn mowers, tractors, trailers, show cars, motorcycles and dirt bikes can finally come out of hibernation. March and April are great months for vehicle maintenance (prepping toys) for more frequent use in warmer weather. This post will help you get from start to finish of the de-winterizing process to ensure that your lawn mowers and tractors are safe and ready for spring.  

Here’s a quick checklist to help you!

Check it Out: Look around your lawn mower or tractor for anything that seems out of the ordinary — was there something you meant to fix at the end of last season and didn’t get around to? Now is the time to get everything ready for more frequent use. 

Good Clean: Give your machine a good clean before using to ensure ideal performance. Debris may be caked on, so use solution or soap and water to get rid of dirt, grass, or other stains. Loctite® Naval Jelly® Rust Dissolver can easily remove rust from your machine if you should find any.

Fuel: Because your machine has not been used over the winter months, your fuel is probably not the same quality it was when you filled it. Your best bet is to start with a fresh tank of gas.

Oil: Changing the oil before your first use of the spring season is a good precautionary measure to ensure best performance.

Battery: Consider placing a battery charge maintainer on your battery before use. This will bring your battery to a full charge, ensuring optimal performance.

Spark Plugs: You may notice the need for a new spark plug during your general inspection. When installing a new spark plug, use a heavy-duty lubricant such as Loctite® Silver Grade Anti-Seize Stick or Paste for ease in future disassembly.

Air Filter: To help your machine run better, replace or clean your air filter so it is free of dirt and pollen.

Fuel and Oil Filter: For larger machines or tractors, checking the oil filter is necessary before use. 

Blades: Lawn mower blades should be sharpened before the start of the season. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement and sharpening.

Lubrication: Loctite® Gear, Chain & Cable Lubricant is ideal for cleaning, lubricating and repelling dirt on the gears of your machines. Use the lubricant on any moving parts to get them ready for use. 

Bolts: Tighten any bolts around the handle of your machine that might have loosened over time. Loctite® Blue Threadlocker 243™ should do the trick.

Grease Fittings: Use a grease gun to grease any fittings on your machine. 

Tires: Check the air pressure on your tractor tires before use. You can find the correct psi listed on the side wall.

Belt: Applying Loctite® Belt Dressing & Conditioner is ideal for preventing belt slippage and restoring flexibility in the belt of your lawn mower. 

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Check back in April for more tips on taking your spring toys out of storage!


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About the Author, Kelly Turner

Kelly Turner has been with Henkel 4 years and involved in the automotive aftermarket for 3 years. She was previously a Key Account Manager for Vehicle Repair & Maintenance, Maintenance, Repair and Operations, Solar, and Defense markets. Kelly graduated from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. In Kelly's free time she helps operate a family owned farm and equine breeding facility and has been a competitive horse back rider for over 25 years.

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  2. Thanks for this handy guide!

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    I have used Lawn Mowers & Tractors Ready for Spring! awn mower blades should be sharpened before the start of the season. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement and sharpening.
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  6. Hi Kelly, appreciate the tips. Won’t be long before I’ll be wheeling the lawnmower back out again. Will use your maintenance checklist this year.



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