Four Trip-Saving Items to Keep in Your Recreational Vehicle Toolbox

    August 31, 2015

Summertime is recreational vehicle season. On many weekends, I hit the road in my RV with a couple of ATVs in tow to experience the outdoors. Both RVs and ATVs can take a beating after a while, and the last thing anyone wants to run into when on an off-roading trip is mechanical problems. That’s why I’m sure to bring along my “toy hauler toolbox.” It’s great to have in case any problems pop up. Here are four trip-saving solutions I find myself reaching for the most throughout the summer. 

  1. LOCTITE® Blue Stick Threadlocker

    Threadlocker is one of those “must haves” when fixing just about anything with a fastener. It’s more versatile than ever, too, now that the new version is compatible with all metals and can hold up on lightly contaminated fasteners. I prefer the portability that the no-mess stick provides, and how it sets up fast so there is less downtime involved. Just about every bolt and fastener gets treated with this product to eliminate failure in the field, from the handle bar bolts to the chain adjuster.

    Left: a foot rest assembly for an ATV. Middle: applying thread lock on bolts for foot rest. Right: clutch cover bolts

  2. Loctite® Super Glue Ultra Gel Control

    There is nothing handier than an all-purpose adhesive that glues rubber, wood, fabric, plastic, metal, ceramic and more. I use LOCTITE® Super Glue Ultra Gel Control to repair trim pieces, fittings, and broken plastic. The easy dispenser allows for precise control and no mess, and with the gel formula the glue only goes where I apply it, and can handle larger gap fills.

    Left: Repairing a separated waste water valve. Right: gluing wood trim near a trailer kitchen sink.

  3. LOCTITE® Insulating and Sealing Wrap

    From wrapping pipes, grips and battery terminal connections to vibration dampening, LOCTITE Insulating and Sealing Wrap  works for a variety of projects. Unlike some wraps it’s very easy to use: just tear off a section, then stretch and overlap to build strength.

    With 700 PSI burst strength, 500-degree temperature resistance, and 400 V dielectric strength, this wrap will hold regardless of the vehicle maintenance application. While riding in more remote areas, I have used it to seal oil and gas lines, and we were able to keep riding our ATVs for the remainder of the day. Of course, this is a temporary fix, but it will hold until a permanent repair is possible.

    LOCTITE Insulating and Sealing Wrap can seal trailer water lines in seconds, preventing water damage that would end a fun weekend.

    Here’s a shot of sealing a ramp handle assembly after the original foam cover started peeling. UV-resistant Insulating  and Sealing Wrap creates a new handle cover in minutes.

    This ATV handle bar grip repaired with the wrap has been holding strong for over a year.

  4. LOCTITE® Silicone Lubricant

    The final product I keep readily available is this aerosol spray that I use on hinges, window channels, bushing, and anything else that squeaks. The lubricity and friction reduction provided by LOCTITE Silicone Lubricant  makes this a great choice for any moving assembly.

Over to you
What’s in your LOCTITE toolbox? Before you head for outdoor fun, make sure you take the products you need to keep your ATVs and UTVs running.

Need some help finding the solution to fit your needs? Browse the LOCTITE Aftermarket Products E-catalog.

About the Author, Steven Hansen

Steven is a national sales manager in Henkel's vehicle repair and maintenance division. He has been with Henkel for 10 years, starting in general territory sales in Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada. Steven is a three-time Sales Leadership Award winner with Henkel, and now manages 18 manufacturer representative agencies in the United States. He has been involved in the automotive industry through parts, paints, and equipment for the last 29 years. In his spare time, Steven likes to camp, ride and fish almost every weekend from April to October in the mountains of Utah. He performs most of the maintenance and repairs on his vehicles, including his ATVs and trailer. Steven has a 28-foot toy hauler, two four-wheeler ATVs, and two dirt bikes.

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