Choosing a Stainless Exhaust System for a 1969 Chevelle

    June 17, 2015

It’s a decision that’s faced by everyone who enjoys restoring or modifying vintage vehicles: Do what looks good, or do what’s going to take the least amount of time? 

What is more important – getting the job done quickly with minimal effort, or driving up in a car that is going to draw the admiration of fellow enthusiasts at auto shows?

Fortunately, every so often it’s possible to achieve the best of both worlds. That’s what happened as I approached the final phase of my 1969 Chevelle project. After a long, cold Northeast winter, I was looking forward to getting back in the garage to finish updating and modifying the drivetrain, and then beginning the next step – selecting and installing the exhaust system. 

Chevelle Drivetrain

My first thought was to opt for something ceramic-coated, or stainless. Many folks are going this way these days, but while stainless looks great and lasts forever, it can be extremely difficult to seal due to the galling that occurs when the metal-to-metal contact is not perfectly aligned.  

So, find an easier way? Not this time. It’s possible to get that great stainless look and make sure your vehicle investment is maximized by using Loctite® Anti-seize on all of the connections and fasteners.  

Adding a coating of anti-seize will allow flanges and ball and socket connections to properly align as you are installing the system. Also keep in mind that a little on the fasteners comes in handy for easy disassembly, especially if you are testing mufflers for the nicest rumble.

Over to you
What are you working on in your garage? Let me know about your current and upcoming projects, or if you have any questions related to using Loctite in your garage! See more on our vehicle maintenance solutions here.

About the Author, Loren Nauss

Loren Nauss is currently Business Development Manager for maintenance chemicals at Henkel. In his 24 years of experience, Loren brings expertise in everything mechanical to his personal and work-related projects. Loren's built, assembled and fabricated American and foreign cars, trucks, motorcycles, manufacturing, processing, and pumping equipment. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Business from Eastern Connecticut State University.

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