Good news! The weather is finally getting colder. You know what that means…snow! I recently took my sled out to get it ready for the season and one of the first things I did was change the chain case oil. This is important for two reasons: 1. Chain case oil breaks down with heating and cooling […]

Do the grips on your dirt bike look like this? If so, it’s time to swap them out for new ones. When you’re hitting jumps during a ride, I don’t think you need me to tell you how important a good handlebar grip is. There are lots of different kinds of grips ranging from waffle to half […]

Throttles cables are one of those things that can be overlooked when maintaining your dirt bike, but they shouldn’t be! Cleaning and lubing them on a regular basis will prevent the cable from fraying and snapping, ensure a smooth throttle action lowering the chances of arm pump, and help you avoid an accident caused by a jammed throttle. […]

During the summer offseason, I swap out a sled for a dirt bike and hit the course at my home compound. It’s one of the ways I stay sane when I’m missing the snow!  Summer riding brings some unique challenges, though. The fluffy, white buffer between my ride and the Earth is gone. That means […]

One of the simplest ways to keep your dirt bike going strong is consistently lubing the chain. It sounds obvious, but some riders don’t do it often enough, or worse, don’t do it at all!  Consistently using a good chain lube will keep your bike’s chain from corroding and will make it more pliable. This […]

Have you ever dropped your motorcycle? If so, you know the heart-sinking feeling you get as you watch it hit the ground. A common result in this scenario is a cracked fairing. A new one can cost you $500 or more – probably more than you have budgeted right now. Maintaining your bike is expensive […]

How does someone get to be an icon in dirt bike racing? For Jeremy McGrath, it helps to win seven Supercross titles – an achievement that may never be equaled, as well as more than 70 races. But when it comes down to it, Jeremy might not have had quite as much success if his […]

Summertime is recreational vehicle season. On many weekends, I hit the road in my RV with a couple of ATVs in tow to experience the outdoors. Both RVs and ATVs can take a beating after a while, and the last thing anyone wants to run into when on an off-roading trip is mechanical problems. That’s […]

I’ve been a mountain biker for 21 years, and I ride a lot. I average 130 rides a year – that’s more than one every three days.  Mountain bikers have to be their own mechanics, because when something goes wrong on the trail, you can’t just pull into a shop. You have to fix it […]

Jeremy McGrath Motorsports is off to a strong start in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) in 2015. This is our second season in LOORRS and our goal this year is always to be in the top five, whether it’s practice, qualifying or racing.  Being prepared for anything and everything is what short […]