Few working environments are as demanding as those found throughout the mining industry. Machinery that is subject to severe vibration and internal wear must be kept running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Equipment failure has to be avoided at all costs, as downtime means money lost.  We’ve been serving the mining industry […]

Given the many inherent challenges of maintenance in the mining industry, the issue of safety should always remain a priority with every worker, manager and owner. Mine operators have the primary responsibility under the Mine Act to prevent the existence of unsafe and unhealthful working conditions. Just by selecting the right products, it’s possible to […]

Wear coatings and compounds are products formulated specifically to help industrial equipment withstand mechanical stress. Different types of machines generate different levels of vibration, abrasion and other challenges to optimal operation. As wearing compounds are used in equipment of all sizes and types in a wide array of industries, engineers may wonder if the products […]