Ballistic, Loctite® and the Challenge of Monster Truck Maintenance

    March 25, 2015

What happens when a 10,000-pound truck jumps 20 feet in the air and then plummets back to earth? 

The answer, usually, is nothing good. But such vehicle maintenance nightmares are just another day in the life of a monster truck like Ballistic, built and driven by Georgia native Mac Plecker. Loctite® brand adhesive is a proud sponsor of Ballistic and Extreme Team 4 x 4, and Plecker feels fortunate to have Loctite products in his shop to keep this special vehicle ready for action.

“Those jumps create a big shock, especially to the third member in the truck’s carrier, but it stays bolted tight because of the Loctite products we use on it,” Plecker said. 

Plecker also uses Loctite Retaining Compound to hold the truck’s kingpins in place. “Other metal fillers just wouldn’t last,” he says. “And the RTV Silicone Adhesive in the aerosol can – that stuff is amazing. There was a time I had to put my blower back on and I was in a hurry and didn’t have a gasket. I just ran a bead of RTV around it and put it back together.”

Ballistic, a Ford Trophy Truck with a 514 c.i. Ford SVO engine, 66” tires, 30” Combs shocks and 9” Ford rear ends, took four years for Plecker to build. “It’s different from 98% of the trucks out there, which use a school bus rear end that weighs 3-4 times more. Those trucks are built to be tanks because of what they go through, but I’m not in the trash and bash part of the industry. Ballistic was built for racing. That’s what I like.” 

Plecker and Ballistic have ranked in the top 10 among more than 200 trucks at Monster racing events. To find out where you can see them in action, check out

About the Author, Kelly Turner

Kelly Turner has been with Henkel 4 years and involved in the automotive aftermarket for 3 years. She was previously a Key Account Manager for Vehicle Repair & Maintenance, Maintenance, Repair and Operations, Solar, and Defense markets. Kelly graduated from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. In Kelly's free time she helps operate a family owned farm and equine breeding facility and has been a competitive horse back rider for over 25 years.

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