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This blog includes insights from LOCTITE experts on a wide range of technologies that can improve industrial manufacturing, such as: instant bonding, structural bonding, machinery adhesives, and functional coatings/surface treatments, as well as equipment solutions. We will also cover more specific topics including: electric motors, speakers, cables and components, low pressure molding, specialty vehicles, fluid power equipment, liquid optically clear adhesives (LOCA), and more!

Adhesives can be seriously strong. They’re used in the manufacture of anything from airplanes, automobiles and massive machinery to baby products, golf clubs and mobile phones. These are demanding applications. But if you’re hoping to achieve optimal performance, there’s a job that must be completed before an adhesive is applied: surface preparation. The Importance of […]

“Bit by bit, putting it together Piece by piece, only way to make a work of art Every moment makes a contribution Every little detail plays a part” Stephen Sondheim – “Sunday in the Park with George” What works to make great art also works in manufacturing and repair. But when it comes to putting […]

LEDs are expected to demonstrate reliability and durability despite challenges that include extreme temperatures, vibration and UV rays. LED-compatible adhesives play a key role in achieving those expectations. But establishing the necessary LED compatibility takes time, money and hands-on testing. We are at the forefront of that testing, determining which adhesives have the right chemistry […]

LED lighting is manufactured to last a long time. However, this can be more challenging with some applications, such as outdoor lighting that is subject to the blistering heat of summer, freezing winter temperatures, high winds and whatever else nature can unleash.  Through it all, the streetlights that help provide safety, security and protection have […]

Sales for LED products continue to rise, and that success continues to inspire new product development. This presents a challenge, albeit a pleasant one, for those responsible for luminaire design, as well as for suppliers and manufacturers, who must not only keep up with demand, but also promote the quality and durability of their products […]

Once again, Henkel was proud to participate in the annual Strategies in Light Show, which wrapped up last month in Las Vegas.  Many of the topics under discussion at this year’s event focused on the future of the LED lighting industry.  Day two of the event opened with a session entitled: “How Big is the […]

For 15 years, Strategies in Light has been the place to be for those wishing to explore what’s new in LED and luminaire design.  Henkel is proud to be a participant in this three-day event, scheduled for February 24-26 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas (a city that knows a thing […]

Compatibility is a vital element for the materials used in LED assembly.  For silicon-based LED fixtures, compatibility issues can result in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that outgas, resulting in impaired fixture performance or loss of light output.  For this reason, testing of adhesive chemistries is essential during the luminaire design phase to avoid any problems […]

One of the challenges of LED design is the accommodation of not just a primary optic to collect, focus and shape the light produced, but the need to also accommodate secondary optics (those that exist outside the LED package) as well. These include reflector cavities, Fresnel lenses and pillow lenses.  As secondary optics are essential […]

Whether they are aware of it or not, most people have experienced the benefits of LED lighting.  From the long-lasting light on the front porch to the LEDs inside our computers and televisions, to the lights on the Christmas trees that will soon be going up in millions of homes, LED lights are everywhere, and […]