So, you’re hearing a rubbing or grinding noise in your brakes? You know what that means, even if you are not accustomed to fixing your own car: it’s time to change the brake pads.  You could rely on repair shop for the fix. Replacing the brake pads will cost you around $150 (more or less, […]

One of the questions we get asked pretty frequently around here is “How do I remove Loctite® 2620 Red Threadlocker?” While our red high strength threadlocker is considered a permanent assembly method, it can be removed if you know the right technique. Removing the red threadlocker involves heating the nut and bolt for a couple […]

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to tackle some of the automotive projects you may have been putting off all winter. Many of us were avoiding things like brake repair and tune-ups because it was just way too cold to spend much time in the garage. Here are two tips for getting your […]

If you live anywhere in the country that gets snow, you’ve probably had more than your fair share of that cold white stuff this winter. The good news is that spring is finally here — but the bad news is that a lot of road salt is coating the underside of our vehicles. Salt is […]

Vehicle maintenance is an ongoing challenge, but one that auto, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy – as long as they have the right solutions for the necessary work. Henkel, with an innovative product line that covers every aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair, provides those solutions. From that extensive portfolio, here are 12 solutions that […]

Auto maintenance is a year-round concern, but extra caution is required in those parts of the country where winter brings freezing temperatures, heavy snows and hazardous driving conditions.  Here are 9 vehicle maintenance issues that are more common in cold weather – and some helpful tips.  1. Tire Traction One of the worst feelings you […]

At some point in owning a motor vehicle, it is inevitable that an exhaust problem will occur. If we can fix the problem on our own, it will be less trying than taking it into the garage. Not too long ago, I started hearing a rattle under my vehicle at certain RPMs. It took some […]

With warmer weather approaching, it’s time for backyard picnics, barbecues, and cooking dinner on the grill! Your spring items may be a little rusty from sitting under the deck or in a shed all winter. Loctite® Extend® Rust Treatment is your go-to product for effectively treating rust on all your spring toys. How does it […]