Winston Churchill once observed, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Well, we may not be perfect here at Henkel, but we do make an effort to keep improving. And so we’re introducing some changes to the LED Assembly Solutions blog that we hope will make it an even better […]

Now that LED lighting has been embraced around the world as a smarter, lower-cost and more environmentally responsible alternative to incandescent lighting, businesses and public sector entities are finding new and creative ways to maximize its benefits.  What type of projects will impact luminaire design and LED assembly in 2016 and beyond? Here are a […]

LEDs have revolutionized the lighting industry, particularly in their remarkable longevity compared to traditional lighting solutions. This has driven new requirements in LED assembly and luminaire design, as companies must create surrounding fixtures with housings and components capable of lasting as long as the LED components they protect.  Manufacturers are now faced with the challenge […]

You don’t know what you don’t know. But you can discover what you don’t know and improve the quality and cost-efficiency of your LED assembly process with a free LED lighting assembly tear-down analysis. At Henkel, we’re more than just the world’s leading adhesive and sealant producer. We’re also experts. We’re a team of experienced […]

LED lighting is getting more and more popular every day. Its adoption in virtually all markets is growing due to increased efficiency, efficacy and longevity. This adoption extends further than just homes and offices where conditions are cool, comfortable and consistent. LEDs are finding their way into much harsher environments, too.  Think of an offshore […]

Across the industry, manufacturers of LED lamps are discovering the benefits of high-performing adhesives over the use of mechanical fasteners like screws and clips. Whether comparing the two assembly methods by manufacturing cost, productivity or performance, adhesives often emerge as the most advantageous option. So, why should you consider integrating adhesives into your LED design?  […]

Some people worry that the world has become “too PC.” But that’s a good thing in the LED industry, where PC stands for polycarbonate resins. PCs are a type of thermoplastic component used in the manufacturing of certain plastics. They have gradually become the preferred choice for LED lenses, covers, tubes, pipes, diffusers and reflectors. […]

Companies associated with LED assembly and manufacturing have long touted the energy-saving benefits of LED over traditional lighting technologies.  Older technologies are as little as 8 to 10 percent efficient. When you consider that lighting consumes more than 25 percent of the electricity in a typical commercial building, you can start to appreciate the significant […]