For MRO professionals, cleanup counts as maintenance. It may sound obvious, but cleaning can sometimes be a neglected part of the process. Industrial equipment works best when it’s clean. Let it go too long and you’ll undoubtedly get a reminder of why you shouldn’t forget or ignore it. Machines will start to operate less efficiently, […]

I love fixing my project cars, but hate doing maintenance on the daily drivers. One is enjoying my hobby, the other feels like work. But, sometimes I can’t avoid it.  Thankfully, my wife’s 2005 Honda CRV hasn’t needed much outside of oil changes, air filters and drivetrain lubrication service. Recently it hit the 98K mile […]

Some repairs you do yourself, some you delegate to the local garage. No shame in that – maybe the job is too complex, or you just don’t have the time to do it yourself.  That was the case when I brought my 2003 Jetta TDI wagon (yes, it is a veggie car) to get a […]

It’s a decision that’s faced by everyone who enjoys restoring or modifying vintage vehicles: Do what looks good, or do what’s going to take the least amount of time?  What is more important – getting the job done quickly with minimal effort, or driving up in a car that is going to draw the admiration […]

At a time when companies have less capital to invest in new equipment, the necessity to extend equipment life through maintenance has never been greater.   Industrial centrifugal pumps are as expensive as they are essential in nearly every industry. As such, they provide an ideal opportunity to illustrate the benefits of improving performance and […]

Wear coatings and compounds are products formulated specifically to help industrial equipment withstand mechanical stress. Different types of machines generate different levels of vibration, abrasion and other challenges to optimal operation. As wearing compounds are used in equipment of all sizes and types in a wide array of industries, engineers may wonder if the products […]

Anyone who has attempted to install spark plug wires on a motor knows that the process can be meticulous and challenging. I recently completed this task on my 69 Chevelle stroker motor with the help of a LOCTITE® cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive known as LOCTITE® Super Glue.  Spark plug wire separators (sometimes referred to as looms) are […]

Studs are often used for accurate positioning of auto parts, such as carburetors, water pumps, and manifolds to make the assembly job just a little easier.  Studs assure that carburetors stay perfectly sealed to the intake manifold, and aligned with the gasket or sealing surface to help the assembly remain resistant to loosening from vibration […]

Summer is upon us here in the Northeast, and many of us are pulling our boats out of storage and firing them up for the first time in six to eight months. As we open them up, sometimes we find that nothing is different from when we stored them — but more often than not, […]

My ’69 Chevelle build is going a little slower than I would like, but what else is new? Some things shouldn’t be rushed. If you haven’t seen my last couple posts about the project, check out Installing a Differential Cover and Preventing Paint Damage. I’m swapping out the original turbo 350 automatic for a built […]