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Electric vehicles (EVs) are charging ahead and transforming the automotive industry. The lithium-ion battery packs used to power EVs now not only match the strength and reliability of internal combustion engines (ICE), but are expected to exceed ICE performance. Because of these demands, EV batteries, which are the driver of the EV propulsion system, present […]

The powerful Li-Ion battery packs of today’s modern electric vehicles rely on a wide variety of technologies to ensure the best possible driving experience. Gasketing and structural adhesive play a key role in delivering a battery that is efficient, durable and maximizes performance, while delivering a comfortable driving experience. Learn more about the role of […]

By Eugene Chung, Henkel Today, the automotive industry is witnessing history in the making on multiple fronts. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are changing the very idea of the driving experience. In concert with ADAS, electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace — in fact, within just over 20 years, Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts they will […]