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Vehicle lightweighting is a continuing pursuit for automotive designers. What started as a way to reduce emissions has become an imperative as automakers (OEMs) continuously innovate to remove even more weight to make way for battery packs that power battery electric vehicles (BEVs). With the skateboard design used for most BEVs, battery packs run nearly […]

The car of the future will be electric – that much is clear. However, manufacturers still face some major challenges before comprehensive and emissions-free electromobility becomes a reality. In particular, the complex battery technology, weighing 500 kilograms on average, changes vehicle construction and design. This is why new, lightweight concepts are needed to enable final […]

Faced with tighter regulatory demands and growing consumer awareness of better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly moving from traditional steel sheet or galvanized alloys to mixed and very lightweight metals that offer significant savings. Reducing a vehicle’s weight by just 10 percent can improve fuel efficiency by 6-8 percent! […]

With 2025 CAFE standards on the horizon mandating an average 54.5 mpg per vehicle, automakers and suppliers are examining every vehicle component and manufacturing process to subtract weight. Remove a few ounces here and a pound there, and suddenly an automaker may realize a vehicle weight reduction of 600 to 700 pounds. It’s not enough […]

Just as a knight protects itself with the use of a shield, vehicles are shielded from corrosion through the use of coatings. In an effort to meet CAFE standards, new metals are being used in engine and powertrain designs. According to the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT), using lightweight components and high-efficiency engines enabled […]

Americans today drive their vehicles much longer, keeping them for nearly two years more than they did a decade ago, according to IHS Automotive. This means that maintaining cars and trucks and keeping them in good shape is now more important than ever before. Managing rust can be a large – and costly – component […]

Fall is upon us, which means soon we’ll be scrambling for our winter coats to see if they’re in good enough shape to make it another season. Just like the fact that you want to buy a winter coat that will be high quality to last more than a season, you want your car’s exterior […]