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Typewriters were bulky, manual machines made to type out formal documents. Thanks to technology advancements, today we use laptop computers to take our work on the go and type without having to worry about ink and restarting a document due to errors. Similar to the typewriter and laptop, things have certainly changed in the automotive […]

As the world turns its attention to this year’s North American International Auto Show, approximately 40 never-before-seen cars and trucks are making their global debut. Many of those new cars and trucks are using lightweight materials to help meet 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards — now just 10 years from taking effect. The 2015 […]

In April, automotive OEMs, manufacturers and engineers attended the SAE World Congress in Detroit, Mich. The lineup included speakers like Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Chief Counsel of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Kevin Vincent, along with plenty of other great presentations.  The highlights? This year’s event had everything to do with overcoming challenges. […]

So you need to lose 10 pounds, do you wish it away? No, you have to take action, including eating healthy. Eating healthy causes a chemical change to take place to help you drop the weight; chemistry at its finest! Similarly, vehicles need a chemical change to drop the pounds and contribute to vehicle lightweighting. […]

Every year, people from around the world are drawn to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). There’s no question that anyone visiting this year’s show will walk away with vehicle lightweighting top of mind. From the all-aluminum body of the Ford F-150 to the use of carbon fiber in the Chevrolet Corvette […]

Lightweighting is the best option to get to CAFE 2025 successfully. How does the auto industry get to the government’s 2025 CAFE standards of 54.5 MPG? As part of my participation in the WWJ Automotive Summit panel on Fuel Economy and Lightweight Engineering, I covered a lot of facts regarding the importance of lightweighting. This […]

When it comes to vehicle lightweighting, cost is a factor, if not the factor. At a certain point, auto customers balk at higher-priced vehicles, even if the vehicles are made of lightweight material that boosts fuel economy. The tipping point is about $2 per pound removed from a vehicle, all else being equal. There are ways […]

Our cars and trucks need to lighten up.  (Find out how by reading below.) Governments are demanding higher MPGs and so are customers. KPMG’s 2012 Global Automotive Executive Survey identified vehicle lightweighting as one of the most important trends facing the industry in the next 15 years. So at Henkel, we’re helping automotive OEMs and […]