Loosening of fasteners is one of the major causes of industrial equipment failure, resulting in millions of dollars of unscheduled downtime costs each year.  In many cases, fasteners that self-loosen during equipment operation may contribute to wear and fatigue, and result in poor operating tolerances and misalignment. Various types of differential stresses such as vibration […]

Anti-seize formulations have been around since the 1940s, but too often remain an afterthought in the MRO applications for which they were created. Yes, using an anti-seize lubricant adds an extra step to the repair or maintenance process, but the benefits of doing so – time saved, equipment replacement costs saved, downtime reduced – far […]

It’s hard to believe that something as fragile as a piece of paper is created in one of the most grueling manufacturing environments.  Heat and dust, both unavoidable at paper mills, can have a detrimental effect on equipment. Machines must endure high levels of mechanical wear and tear, while ever-increasing production speeds require maintenance solutions […]