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Vehicle Interiors Are So Much More Than a Pretty Space

    May 1, 2017

Today’s drivers are more used to digital technology in their cars than ever before. Music streamed from the cloud, real-time traffic information and personalized roadside assistance have become common. But there is certainly more to come.

While the change to autonomous vehicle technology is influencing many aspects of vehicle development, the most noticeable area for drivers and passengers will likely be the interior. The interior as we know it today is expected to change in extraordinary ways – from how the seats are positioned to the elimination of the steering wheel.

The vehicle interior will increasingly become a place where passengers will relax, enjoy entertainment and conduct business. As such, passengers will expect the same level of comfort they currently enjoy in their home or office — while manufacturers will use multiple substrates to bring these new configurations to life.

And that’s where adhesives come in.

vehicle displays

One-component laminating adhesives, for example, bond to multiple substrates, while improving process efficiency. Compared to the more traditionally used two-component adhesives, one-component adhesives eliminate mixing time and open time restrictions as the adhesive is applied directly to the lamination part.

After application, parts can be stored for a month or more before using heat to activate the adhesive and complete the lamination process. In addition to improving the process efficiency, one-component laminate adhesives ensure a high quality finish by preventing any read through of the cover stock — essential in creating a finished, elegant look.

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Also, catch a video sneak peek on this topic below and stay tuned to “On the Road with Henkel” to learn more soon.



About the Author, Barb Wehrle

Barb Wehrle is business development manager, adhesives with Henkel Corporation, North America, Transport and Metals, currently focusing on automotive interiors adhesive applications. Wehrle’s 30 year career at Henkel has included positions in research and development, technical support, global marketing and global key account management. In addition to automotive interiors, she has been active in metal forming, metal pretreatment, general industrial and aluminum beverage cans. Wehrle has a bachelor of science in biology and business from St. Bonaventure University in New York.

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