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It has been said that April is the cruelest month, but motorcycle enthusiasts might nominate October instead – that’s when the weather begins its long, cold voyage into winter, and it’s time once again to store your bike until spring.  After you’ve enjoyed that last ride for 2014, here are 10 tips for proper motorcycle […]

I’ve been putting aftermarket valve covers on engines for years, and twice I have had immediate leakers during my vehicle maintenance projects. I thought I would take a few minutes to document an avoidable pitfall and hopefully save a few people the trouble of doing this auto maintenance job twice. When I am building a motor […]

My wife and I are the only two drivers in our household, although we own four cars. Two of them are my long-term project cars and I was told I could not buy another vehicle until I completed one. Last year, just before Christmas, I was driving home with my two sons after finishing up […]

Whether we like it or not, the winter months are approaching quickly. It’s never too early to prepare for cold weather, and automotive maintenance is key when it comes to our beloved vehicles. Check antifreeze. Determine the effectiveness of your antifreeze. A tool to measure this is available at your local auto part store. It’s […]

Car and bike lovers from around the Connecticut area gathered at the 7th Annual Loctite Auto and Bike Show to discuss restoration and show off their hot rods, muscle cars, choppers, classic cars and everything in between. The money raised through participation and vendor donations went to benefit the Channel 3 Kids Camp; a great […]