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Loosening of fasteners is one of the major causes of industrial equipment failure, resulting in millions of dollars of unscheduled downtime costs each year.  In many cases, fasteners that self-loosen during equipment operation may contribute to wear and fatigue, and result in poor operating tolerances and misalignment. Various types of differential stresses such as vibration […]

Equipment failure is an unwelcome but unavoidable reality that impacts production time, order fulfillment and workplace safety. Fortunately, an analysis of past incidents can help in identifying the areas where failure is most likely to happen, often before a worst-case scenario results.  Here are five examples of the most common MRO challenges, and what can […]

One of the challenges of LED design is the accommodation of not just a primary optic to collect, focus and shape the light produced, but the need to also accommodate secondary optics (those that exist outside the LED package) as well. These include reflector cavities, Fresnel lenses and pillow lenses.  As secondary optics are essential […]

Studs are often used for accurate positioning of auto parts, such as carburetors, water pumps, and manifolds to make the assembly job just a little easier.  Studs assure that carburetors stay perfectly sealed to the intake manifold, and aligned with the gasket or sealing surface to help the assembly remain resistant to loosening from vibration […]

At some point in owning a motor vehicle, it is inevitable that an exhaust problem will occur. If we can fix the problem on our own, it will be less trying than taking it into the garage. Not too long ago, I started hearing a rattle under my vehicle at certain RPMs. It took some […]

My ’69 Chevelle build is going a little slower than I would like, but what else is new? Some things shouldn’t be rushed. If you haven’t seen my last couple posts about the project, check out Installing a Differential Cover and Preventing Paint Damage. I’m swapping out the original turbo 350 automatic for a built […]

I finally started putting together my ‘69 Chevelle, which included installing the differential cover. The procedure for this vehicle repair is similar for many cars and trucks. So let’s get started! My differential is a Chevrolet 12 Bolt posi-traction that I recently stripped out to get powder coated. As you can see by the pictures […]

Companies are always on the lookout for imaginative new ways to display their products at trade shows. To demonstrate how well LED adhesives and sealants perform in the manufacture of luminaries and other LED lighting devices, we re-created our own logo out of LED domes, and then submerged it in a 20-gallon fish tank full […]

As the lighting industry evolves to solid state lighting, so do the requirements for LED assembly adhesives, sealants and functional coatings used in the manufacture of light-emitting diode bulbs, lamps, light fixtures and luminaries. LED adhesive technologies help to ensure a long life for these devices, even in applications exposed to harsh conditions such as […]

Continuing my 1987 Dodge Pickup project (see my other truck repair projects: air pump removal, using Loctite® Freeze & Release, and installing a motor oil pressure gauge sending switch). I found some really tricky aftermarket retractable cargo tie downs that I thought would be perfect for my truck. I was looking to retain my over-the-rail […]