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Humans have been fascinated by electricity for hundreds of years. When Benjamin Franklin proved lightning and electricity were one and the same using a kite, key and a strong hypothesis, this force of nature became a prime candidate for experimentation rather than simple parlor tricks. More than 100 years later, Thomas Edison perfected the incandescent […]

Like the Tower of London, automotive shock towers are built to survive brutal conditions outside and maintain stability. Often referred to as the workhorse of a vehicle, this part of a vehicle’s suspension system keeps it supported and stable. It takes a great deal of load in harsh under-vehicle environment, while maintaining its structural integrity […]

Remember your first chemistry set? The white lab coat, mysterious chemicals and a microscope complete with a slew of slides? Maybe you found a butterfly and examined its wings. Or, maybe you inspected an egg shell to see the differences between it its bumpy and smooth surfaces. It was curiosity and the need to know […]

Just as a knight protects itself with the use of a shield, vehicles are shielded from corrosion through the use of coatings. In an effort to meet CAFE standards, new metals are being used in engine and powertrain designs. According to the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT), using lightweight components and high-efficiency engines enabled […]

Fall is upon us, which means soon we’ll be scrambling for our winter coats to see if they’re in good enough shape to make it another season. Just like the fact that you want to buy a winter coat that will be high quality to last more than a season, you want your car’s exterior […]

Superman has his kryptonite. Daredevil can’t tolerate noise pollution. Green Lantern’s miraculous ring holds his power, but it is ineffective against the color yellow. Magnesium’s greatest weakness? Corrosion.  Magnesium may not be as fast as a speeding bullet or as powerful as a locomotive, but it does have the largest strength-to-weight ratio of common structural […]

Imagine you have a blank canvas before you to paint. Instead of painting with just one color, you use multiple colors. Each time you switch colors, you dip your brush in water. What happens to that water? After a while it starts to get dark and dirty in appearance. However, you utilize techniques to keep […]

Imagine a ball of clay. You can roll it, cut it and mold it into any shape or object you want. Take that image and replace it with a solid block of metal. That block of metal can also be molded and formed through the use of dies via various processes such as stamping, casting, […]

Process chemicals, i.e. cleaners and lubricants – aid in the manufacturing of a part, resulting in longer lasting vehicle parts, and enabling lightweighting for the designed vehicle platform. I’m not just talking a couple of vehicle parts either, cleaners and lubes are used from bumper to bumper, from the engine to the transmission to the axles to […]

By the time 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards take effect, aluminum is predicted to account for 550 pounds of weight in every North American produced light vehicle*.  The industry is well on its way to reaching this number as more automakers introduce all-aluminum vehicle frames. The all-aluminum frame of the 2014 GM Corvette Stingray […]