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Finding the right adhesive for your lightweight component is dependent on the right chemical mix. Some adhesives are rigid. Others have high degrees of elasticity. Some offer increased energy absorption. How do you know which is right for the job? It starts with considering some basic questions. What are the materials you need to join? What are your […]

“Form follows function” is a maxim credited to early 20th century architect, Louis Sullivan, in relation to architectural and industrial design, inferring that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. Form also follows function in vehicle lightweighting. With 2025 CAFE standards targeting 54.5 mpg per […]

Humans have been fascinated by electricity for hundreds of years. When Benjamin Franklin proved lightning and electricity were one and the same using a kite, key and a strong hypothesis, this force of nature became a prime candidate for experimentation rather than simple parlor tricks. More than 100 years later, Thomas Edison perfected the incandescent […]

Like the Tower of London, automotive shock towers are built to survive brutal conditions outside and maintain stability. Often referred to as the workhorse of a vehicle, this part of a vehicle’s suspension system keeps it supported and stable. It takes a great deal of load in harsh under-vehicle environment, while maintaining its structural integrity […]

Guest post by Tony Norton, Executive Vice President, Americas, at Altair. You may have heard the age-old saying that “two heads are better than one.” This is being applied to the automotive industry as collaboration is top of mind in advancing lightweight designs on the road to meeting 2025 CAFE standards. Innovations from individual companies are valuable, but […]

Flying cars. 3D-printed automobiles. Fully autonomous vehicles.  These ideas are “cool” and “exciting”, no doubt, but “cool” and “exciting” alone will not get these innovative autos into production and out on the roads (or in the sky, for that matter!). As we imagine vehicles of tomorrow, today’s vehicles are already transforming the road to meet strict CAFE […]

As a child you may have played connect the dots by taking your pencil from dot to dot to create an image. Now in the professional world you may view random dots, not as an image, but as powerful trending data points, or in this case, a roadmap for lightweighting of future automotive vehicles.  Let’s look […]

Fall is upon us, which means soon we’ll be scrambling for our winter coats to see if they’re in good enough shape to make it another season. Just like the fact that you want to buy a winter coat that will be high quality to last more than a season, you want your car’s exterior […]

Everyone has a favorite recipe they’ve mastered; they can make it in any quantity for any number of people and it is delicious… Ok not everyone, but most. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, because time after time it proves to be a tasty meal had by all, no matter how much […]

What is one of the most porous things you use daily? For many of us a sponge comes to mind. It has many pores, enabling water absorption, leaving it soft when wet and brittle when dry. These properties are fine for a sponge, but when we are talking metal automotive parts, these are not properties […]