Mining: The Ultimate Wear Coating Stress Test

    January 12, 2015

Wear coatings and compounds are products formulated specifically to help industrial equipment withstand mechanical stress.

Different types of machines generate different levels of vibration, abrasion and other challenges to optimal operation. As wearing compounds are used in equipment of all sizes and types in a wide array of industries, engineers may wonder if the products they select have what it takes to keep their business running.

If there is a litmus test for durability, it may be the mining industry.

Maintenance Solutions for Mines and Quarries
Even if you’ve never been to a mine, you know what goes on there – heavy-duty conveyers carry tons of raw ore; rock crushing equipment generates severe physical impact on drive units, rock hammers and compressors; hauling equipment moves heavy ore from one location to another.

To meet these extreme challenges, Henkel offers a complete line of Loctite materials to accommodate different aggregate and slurry sizes, and to support maintenance and repair in multiple types of mining equipment and environments.

Epoxy backing systems such as Loctite PC 9020™ Nordbak® Backing Compound are used between the liners and crushing plates of rock crushers, providing the requisite high compression strength and high impact resistance. Nordbak® Wearing Compounds are applied to the inlet and outlet chutes of milling equipment, protecting it from sliding abrasion and impact. Loctite Fixmaster® Rapid Rubber Repair Urethane is applied to spliced joints on conveyer belts, resulting in up to a 75 percent reduction in belt failures.

Different Industries, Similar Challenges
In mining, as with many other industries, companies must be proactive to protect against equipment breakdowns, unplanned downtime and reduced productivity. Wear coatings and compounds from Henkel help to protect, rebuild and repair industrial components, boost system efficiency and help companies avoid the high costs associated with equipment replacement.

Loctite brand wear coatings are designed to withstand the rigors of any industry, from mining to manufacturing.

About the Author, Loren Nauss

Loren Nauss is currently Business Development Manager for maintenance chemicals at Henkel. In his 24 years of experience, Loren brings expertise in everything mechanical to his personal and work-related projects. Loren's built, assembled and fabricated American and foreign cars, trucks, motorcycles, manufacturing, processing, and pumping equipment. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Business from Eastern Connecticut State University.

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