Motorcycle Maintenance Tips: Securing Gear Idler Pin

    August 9, 2013

Upon visiting Triumph expert JayeStrait, we take a look at his shop, and watch step by step how different Loctite® products can be useful in Motorcycle maintenance and repair jobs.

In this video, we use Loctite Bearing Mount Stick with the Idler Gear Pin of a Triumph motorcycle engine.  A typical problem with the gear idler pin in most crankcases, is that they fall out due to the spring pressure that is exerted wiggling the whole case. Without the proper installation this can lead to major repair issues down the road. Watch here as to how Loctite can solve this motorcycle maintenance problem before it happens. 

Loctite Bearing Mount Stick is a revolutionary method to bond non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies.  This unique wax-like stick works just like Loctite Bearing Mount liquids to secure parts, seal joints, and prevent corrosion.  It replaces clamp rings, setscrews, and snap rings.  Learn more about Loctite Automotive Maintenance and Motorcycle Maintenance Aftermarket products.

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