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Noticeably absent from vehicles over recent years is the appearance of rust, that orange-red coating that forms on the surface of metals and weakens the bonds of the metal itself. This is due to significant advances in metals pretreatment products. According to Technavio market research analysts, the global pretreatment market is predicted to grow more […]

It’s the end of the On the Road Technology Tour, however the journey towards advanced chemistry for tomorrow’s vehicles is just beginning! Henkel invited attendees from Automotive OEM and Suppliers to explore the role Smart Chemistry plays in enabling advanced vehicle technologies leading the way towards lightweighting and autonomous vehicle platforms. With the changing landscape […]

With 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards getting closer every day, automakers are getting innovative with the materials used in today’s cars to achieve lightweighting. Steady technological advances are allowing non-traditional materials to be used in more significant parts of vehicles than ever before.  Composites are one of the non-traditional materials that are a […]