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Global automakers are making battery electric vehicles (BEV) a top priority. The key to adoption is addressing consumer demands, including comfortable, quiet interior cabins, as well as longer battery ranges which are closer inline with conventional internal combustion engines (ICEs). These market changes require acoustic and structural solutions that promote lightweight alternatives aligning with battery […]

Vehicle lightweighting continues to be a top priority in the automotive industry. As automakers (OEMs) add more technology, and weight, with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and battery pack technologies, every aspect of today’s vehicles is being evaluated to determine where weight can be removed. Most efforts at reducing weight have been the result of […]

The in-service commercial aircraft fleet will more than double in the next 20 years. Increased demand for air travel is compelling aircraft manufacturers to look to the automotive industry to find ways to boost production with automation, optimize the supply chain, incorporate additive manufacturing (3D printing) and implement further lightweighting. Conversely, the automotive industry is […]

There are many evolving drivers within the automotive industry, however even with the increasing focus on autonomous and electric vehicles, one key area of focus continues to be lightweighting. Reducing weight by just 10 percent can improve fuel economy by six to eight percent. While high-strength lighter-weight steel grades continue to be used for lightweighting, […]

The growth of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is unprecedented! With the current adoption rate of 20%, it is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years as proliferation continues and new technologies deliver greater levels of safety behind the wheel. What was once considered a feature for high-end luxuries is now becoming common, […]

Achieving the best surface for multi-metal bonding is a challenge for automakers and suppliers. Body structures, as well as engine and drivetrain system components, contain a combination of materials, including aluminum, steel, magnesium or compacted graphite iron, to name a few. The unique properties of each metal come into play when preparing the substrates for […]

The powerful Li-Ion battery packs of today’s modern electric vehicles rely on a wide variety of technologies to ensure the best possible driving experience. Gasketing and structural adhesive play a key role in delivering a battery that is efficient, durable and maximizes performance, while delivering a comfortable driving experience. Learn more about the role of […]

By Eugene Chung, Henkel Today, the automotive industry is witnessing history in the making on multiple fronts. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are changing the very idea of the driving experience. In concert with ADAS, electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace — in fact, within just over 20 years, Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts they will […]

Noticeably absent from vehicles over recent years is the appearance of rust, that orange-red coating that forms on the surface of metals and weakens the bonds of the metal itself. This is due to significant advances in metals pretreatment products. According to Technavio market research analysts, the global pretreatment market is predicted to grow more […]

Lightweighting continues to be a major focus of innovation within the automotive industry, especially with the addition of in-vehicle technologies for a wide array of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are paving the way toward autonomous vehicles. These connected systems all add weight, which is why it is increasingly important to use Smart Chemistry […]